The Matt Talbot Recovery Center offers a special continuum of care that fosters positive attitude changes, eliminates self-destructive and abusive behaviors, and support residents in developing the skills necessary for independent living.  Our program is personalized for each recovering resident and his family.  Our staff monitors each client preceding admission and then follows him closely during his inpatient residency, all the way through to aftercare support.

To help residents develop the motivation for sobriety and independent living, the program is built around the following components:

  • Pre-entry support
  • Psychological and physical assessment
  • Medical and case management
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Treatment planning
  • Job Placement
  • Family reconciliation counseling
  • Recreational and occupational therapy
  • Work therapy
  • Health monitoring
  • Individualized after-care support


Residents at Matt Talbot Recovery Center Men’s Residential are adult males who stay an average length of 90 days.  Within this time frame, a majority of residents can be prepared for successful independent living.  Additional program components to help residents improve their self-image and coping behaviors are: the development of alternatives to drinking situations and positive approaches to maintenance of sobriety through participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other self-help groups.

The Matt Talbot Recovery Center also recognizes that some residents, due to limitations of age or emotional or physical disabilities, may not be ready for independence.  These individuals either continue living at the Center for an extended period, or are referred to appropriate assisted-living facilities in the community.