Correctional Services – Secular Transitional Living Program (TLP) Services

Matt Talbot Recovery Services provides an array of re-entry services to prisoners being released after completing their period of incarceration in the prison system. We provide supervised housing to ex-offenders in duplexes and other community-based facilities throughout Wisconsin, including: Milwaukee, West Bend, Waukesha, Stevens Point and Superior.At Matt Talbot, we are committed to the proposition that offenders have the capacity to change and to become law-abiding citizens. Using research-based and experience-based best practice interventions, we utilize a variety of techniques and programs to assess an offender’s risks and needs in order to target areas for intervention. Working with the Department of Corrections and developing partnerships with community members and public and private agencies, we assist offenders in achieving positive changes in their lifestyle and behaviors, while at the same time promoting safer communities.The goal of the Secular Transitional Living Program is to assist offenders to re-integrate back into the community.  Under contract to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and other government agencies, Matt Talbot provides Transitional Living Program (TLP) services to former offenders. Matt Talbot supervises these individuals and provides them with temporary housing, basic living skills, and structure in work and leisure time activities. Our housing units are supervised by appropriately-trained staff.The Secular Transitional Living Program is intended to assist offenders in achieving:

  • Maintenance of a pro-social lifestyle.
  • Residential stability and independent living skills.
  • Gainful employment.
  • Financial independence and responsibility.
  • Family reunification.

Clients for the TLP program include those experiencing the following transitional situations:

  • Correctional institution to community.
  • County jail to community.
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) inpatient or halfway house programming to community.
  • Dependent family situations to independent living.
  • Offenders who are violating conditions of supervision to provide alternatives to incarceration.

All of our clients in the Secular TLP Program are required to be employed, or actively involved in job search, or have a verifiable legal source of income.

Matt Talbot currently provides TLP services throughout the state of Wisconsin. Locations include: Steven’s Point, West Bend, Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Superior.